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Most but not all wedding couples choose our interactive registry. When this is selected, our extensive service for on line purchases can be applied.

Leeuwin’s Serviezenhuis is a shop with extensive bridal and gift registry services. Our many years of experience in this area ensure that the registry is handled smoothly.

It is always difficult to tell all your guests about your gift wishes. To make it easier for bridal couples and wedding planners it is a smart choice to create a gift registry at Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis. This settles the issue of useless gifts, all those different pairs of champagne glasses and pepper and salt casters (of which we do have a wide selection).

A gift registry is not just a good idea for wedding couples, but also for other festive events, like an anniversary or a housewarming.

It is also much more satisfying for the party guests than giving a small envelope with cash. They select a specific gift, but also one that they can feel confident the couple will enjoy - as they have chosen it themselves. Together with our customer advisors, the couple (or the persons celebrating the jubilee) select their ideal list of items. This can be a china set, silverware, or wine glasses, but kitchen tools and nice trinkets can also be added. It's usually a combination of all kinds of useful gifts.

What does a gift registry at Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis entail:

  • A business card of Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis can be added to each invitation, so that guests will understand how to approach us for the gifts.

  • We will write cards for each gift giver with a personal message for the couple. Gift givers can also send their own card or bring it to our shop.

  • A decorated gift basket is prepared for the gifts table at the reception. This small selection of the chosen products shows everyone what kind of items the couple will receive at home.

  • As the gift basket contains only a few items, this reduces the risk of damage. The other gifts are collected and then delivered to the wedding couple (if the distance from our shop is reasonable). They can also be picked up by the couple.

  • The wedding couple's data is stored and put on our customer card.

  • We do not charge administration, advertising or registry costs, or however other companies might want to call that.

Giving a present is easy. Someone logs on to you list through our login page. People that don't have internet access can phone us or come by the shop, where they are presented with the gift selection. We then help them to enter their order on line. Their eventual selection can the be paid through a bank transfer, credit card, or in cash or by debit card in our shop. A simple card conveys their message and we're all done. Easy!