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Our gift (bridal) registry webshop is best suited for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Safari users: unless you have the possibility to visit our shop to complete the payment, you need to change the settings of Safari. Safari does not work with the payment module of our ordering system.

What kind of page is this? How does Leeuwin´s Serviezenhuis use wedding lists and gift registries?

Attention: Data in wedding lists is protected information
Attention: Not all wedding lists can be found on our website.
Some wedding couples choose not to supply an online wedding list. In such cases, we can assist you by phone or in our shop. If the wedding list is mentioned online, it's very easy and even quite common to visit our store or to contact us by phone!
Attention: Delivery of the presents is arranged with the wedding couple. There is no need to collect the present from our shop in Utrecht.





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