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How does a wedding list / gift registry work?

More about wedding lists and gift registries Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis (IN DUTCH) or please send us an e-mail.

How can I complete payments?

Ordering online is best suited for Internet Explorer 7 and up, Firefox and Chrome.
Safari does not work with the payment module of our ordering system. Safari users: unless you have the possibility to visit our shop to complete the payment, you need to change the settings of Safari.)

You can select the options in the pull-down menu:

- Direct online payment: you now enter our online payment module. There, you have 2 options: Visacard or Mastercard. Selecting either would open an SSL protocol protection and this allows you to safely enter your credit card data.

- Payment in the shop: you visit our shop in Utrecht, the Netherlands and pay there at our cash register.


Do I get billed automatically?

No. Should you need an invoice, please contact us by mail.

Do I have to pick up the gift?

No. The presents are delivered to the wedding couple after making an appointment, you do not need to pick up the gift in our shop.

How does the wedding couple know what gift I got them?

They will be informed about this a few days before the occasion and again several weeks after. The card we give to the wedding couple will also contain this information.

Can I also send my own card for the wedding couple to Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis?

You certainly can, yes. Please send it to:
Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis
Oudkerkhof 19-23
3512 GH Utrecht
The Netherlands
You should mention the order number and the names of the couple!

Will my gift be there at the wedding couple's party or reception?

Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis will schedule a delivery appointment and by request will also supply a gift basket, that holds some examples of the gifts selected.

In most cases, your specific gift will not be at the wedding reception. You will  be able to imagine the trouble and risk of having to present all those (fragile) gifts and then again having to pack them all afterwards! 

I did not receive a confirmation by e-mail, what to do?

Leeuwin's Serviezenhuis is always notified by a copy-e-mail if your order has been placed successfully. So please contact us by e-mail, mentioning the following specifics in your message:

- Your name, address and phone number
- The wedding couple's names
- The gift
- If you know this too, the order number


Are my data protected?

Yes. Insofar as we have the ability to do so, we have taken measures to protect your data as much as possible.
We will, of course, let the wedding couple know, who has given each gift, we make sure there are no anonymous gifts.

What should I enter for option...?

"On behalf of" - Fill in, on whose behalf the gift is presented. The gift is for the wedding couple, but who is giving it? If the gift is a joint present, please enter the other people's names here as well.

"E-mail" - Fill in your own e-mail address here, unless you would like the confirmation to be sent to another e-mail address. If you enter a non-existent mail address here, you will not get a confirmation, so please also pay attention to typing errors.


I'm using Safari as my web browser. Is there something I should know or do?

Safari's standard setting are thus, that you cannot arrange an on line payment on our web site. That means you cannot complete the order.

This has to do with a setting for the acceptance of cookies. If you want to accept cookies as standard, there is no problem. But if your standard setting is not to accept cookies, you will have to change the settings of Safari.

  1. Select the "Safari" pull-down menu, then "Preferences", then "Security".

  2. In the screen "Accept cookies", select if and when Safari can accept cookies from web sites. (For help and information about that, click on the question mark button.)

  3. You can also take a closer look at the cookies: to do so, click "View cookies".

If you set Safari to block cookies, you will have to temporarily accept cookies to be able to use our payment module (as well as pages from some other web sites).

To do this, follow the steps mentioned above and select "Always". After completing the order and payment, you can, by repeating the steps, turn the blockade for cookies back on, as well as remove the cookies you have received.